"Many people aim at nothing at all in their lives,

 and they hit it . . .

with amazing accuracy!"

Kevin Skidmore,  MotiEduTrainer



 Whether you are looking for a keynote, an after dinner speaker, a facilitator for breakout sessions, a speaker at your next workshop or seminar, or someone to help build interpersonal or presentation skills, Kevin Skidmore can help.

 Take your time to explore this website.  You'll notice that Kevin has a lot to offer and that he can develop a presentation or training seminar to specifically meet your needs.  That's what he is all about.

"We were somewhat acquainted with Kevin through his radio programs and knew him to be a good speaker from that experience.  In our Interfaith Service, his remarks were educational and uplifting.  His delivery seemed natural and made the congregation feel very comfortable.  He was entertaining, informative and inspiring.  We had asked him to speak on "The Affect of Music on the Family", and he did a wonderful job for us."

Brenda Anthony, Utah Mother of the Year 

"Don't think you can afford me?  Think again.  You are losing far more than you will ever invest by having me some and work with you and your team!"

Kevin Skidmore, MotiEduTrainer 




Life can be tough sometimes.  Tragedies, failures, mistakes, losses.  They can become huge setbacks and stifle progress.  Success can have similar affects.  Bob Goff, author of Love Does, expresses, "My greatest fear is not that I will fail at reaching some great goals.  Rather it is that I will succeed at accomplishing at things that don't really matter."  This is echoed by Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, when he said, "Wouldn't it be terrible to successfully climb the ladder of success only to discover that you put it against the wrong building."  Let Kevin help you determine what your skills and talents are.  He can help you rekindle a fire to accomplish your dreams .... dreams you may have all but given up on.  He will help you take it to the next level.

"I am writing this to express support and give encouragement to Kevin Skidmore as a motivational speaker.  I have known Kevin for approximately eight years.  During that time I have observed him in a variety of community settings.  He is committed to supporting children and youth by donating countless hours of voluntary service on their behalf. 

Kevin Skidmore has added much to the community. He demonstrates a quality and caliber of production which is exemplary. 

Kevin is a dynamic speaker who has an ability to inspire, motivate, and uplift.  I enjoy listening to his weekly radio program where he discusses Bible-basedprinciples that build character while encouraging people to reach the highest level of their competency."

Richard J. Jensen,School District Superintendent, Logan, UT